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2019 SNMMI Virtual Meeting

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The SNMMI Virtual Meeting is an online product (with an optional USB) that over 100 recorded sessions from the SNMMI Annual Meeting. Online access allows you to view presentations from the meeting at your convenience through your desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device.

The following sessions have been approved for CE credit.  After viewing the session, click on the resource tab to activate the CE assessment and receive credit.

CE06 General Clinical Nuclear Medicine Council Award Lectureship: The Evolving Paradigm of Radioiodine Therapeutics for Thyroid Cancer
CE13 Innovation in PET Instrumentation Enabled by Made-in-Japan Technologies
CE28 Present and Future of PRRT in the Treatment of Neuroendocrine Tumors
CE50 Saul Hertz Award Symposium: The Atomic Cocktail of Radioiodine Ushers in Precision Oncology
CE51 US Regulatory Pathways for Diagnostic and Therapy Radiopharmaceuticals
CE54 Dosimetry Methods and Dose/Effect Relationships
CE58 Practical Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry
CE65 Radioisotope Production for Theranostics
CE68 What Nuclear Medicine Physicians Need to Know about Epilepsy
CE70 Hermann Blumgart Award Lecture: Growing Research Opportunities in Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine
CE75 Multi-Disciplinary Working the New Paradigm for Nuclear Medicine
CE81 PET Melanoma in the Age of Immunotherapy
CE82 Implementation of the New Neuroimaging Framework for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
TS12 Lu-177 Dotatate Therapy: A Radiologist and Technologist Perspective
TS13 Coding Update 2019 and Beyond
TS17 Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Management and Therapy Update
TS34 PET/CT: Politics and the Future

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