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Creating and Executing Effective Customer Experience Strategies for Any Business


  • Linda Sorenson, Director, Consumer Sales and Operations, Nautilus, Inc.
  • Chris Erath, Sr. Director, Customer Contact Centers, Northern Tool and Equipment, Inc.
  • Bob Azman, Chief Experience Officer, Avtex Solutions, LLC

Target Audience:

  • Leaders seeking to start; accelerate or invigorate CX journeys within their organizations
  • Mid-level managers and senior executives seeking a better understanding of the components of effective CX strategies across the organization.
  • CX Practitioners looking to expand their knowledge and share their experiences


What’s your next move? Building the case for an effective CX Strategy across the enterprise.

Being a customer-centric company isn’t just about having the best customer service people….it’s also about ensuring that every function in the organization is aligned to this goal. And in our fast-paced world of tweets and texts, keeping all functions aligned to that goal is necessary and challenging at the same time. And engaging our business partners, be they HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Technology or Customer Service is the first step. In this highly interactive session, we’ll talk about:
  • Customer Experience strategies – what they are and why they matter
  • Are you easy to do business with?
  • Customer Touch Points – who are your customers and how do they interact with us?
  • Keeping customers who are satisfied AND loyal
  • Understanding the role of social media in any CX strategy
Attendees will discuss real companies and real stories about customer experience journeys and challenges with a light mix of academic learning so we can apply the principles to our companies.

Session 1: Strategy Design and Development
  • Customer Experience – Defined and Discussed
  • Service Strategies that support your CX startegy: what they are and why they matter
    • Example of service strategies (from participant companies)
  • Case Study: The Home Depot
  • Creating a service strategy to drive organization-wide improvements in CX
    • Nautilus, Inc.
Session 2: Understanding the Customer Journey
  • Mapping the complex journey your customer(s) take with your company, including:
    • The touch points the customer will have with various business units within your organization (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Fulfillment, Customer Service, etc…)
    • The channels in which they can communicate (e.g. web-site, telephone, email, retail store, etc…)
    • The customer perception of the experience throughout the journey.
      • Northern Tool & Equipment, Inc.
Session 3: Connecting the Dots – Making sense of it all
  • Derive actionable initiatives that can align customer experience across all channels and business units within your organization.
  • The Importance of Voice of the Customer
    • Measurements and Metrics
    • Lessons Learned
    • Call to Action Assessment

Participation in this online course will prepare the attendee to:
  • Understand “how” to develop an effective CX strategy and implement it effectively
  • Assess whether their own companies are “easy to do business with” across multiple-channels
  • Learn about various techniques for mapping the customer lifecycle
  • Leverage social media to support the service strategy
  • Derive actionable initiatives that can align the service strategy across all channels and business units within your organization.
Registration Rates:
  • SOCAP Member: $99.00
  • Non-Member: $149.00