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Stop the Bleeding: How to Turn Your Complaining Customer into a Loyal Customer

Registration Rates:

  • SOCAP Member: $172
  • Non-Member: $240
Do your Customer Service Representatives fear upset consumers or do they embrace the challenge of handling a difficult customer and meeting or even exceeding their expectations? In this fun and interactive course, participants will be led through the LAMA journey to uncover the tools, rules and words that work best when striving to build a better rapport with complaining, unhappy customers. Discover how customer complaints can actually uncover tremendous company value and walk away with the tools you need to gain loyal customers and improve your company’s bottom line!

In this course you will learn:
  • Three ways to communicate the good news and make the customer really glad to hear from you
  • Five ways to communicate the bad news without saying “That’s not our policy”
  • How to handle problem customers with empathy, agreement and solutions
Cordova_SallySally Cordova
Lead Trainer
McKee Consulting

Sally Cordova is a Partner, Author, and Lead Trainer with The LAMA Training by McKee Consulting. Her personal philosophy of education and commitment through positive expression comes clearly throughout her Training Programs. She has been with McKee since 2003 after 25 years in the retail food industry. Sally has developed the “perfect storm” for her approach to management, training, and coaching with a positive attitude and delivers the information in an optimistic way. She strongly believes that effective communication is the most important ingredient to the success in every aspect of business. Sally’s intention is to carry on the strong tradition that McKee Consulting has been teaching for the past 37 years. Her goal is to motivate and inspire trainers, managers, coaches, and front-line agents to be successful!

McKee_JudyJudy McKee
Chief Executive Officer
McKee Consulting

Judy McKee is a nationally known motivational speaker, seminar leader, sales trainer and author. Her personal philosophy of motivation through education and commitment shines clearly throughout her presentations. She is the creator of the LAMA technique used the world over for in Call Center Communication programs. Judy is the Co-Author with Sally Cordova, of The Positive Coach Approach. Her book The Positive Coach Approach is available on AuthorHouse and her new edition of the Sales Survival Guide is just released.