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SOCAP's 2017 Symposium

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Access over three hours of rich content (one general session and two professional development workshops) from SOCAP's 2017 Symposium:

  • Building a Strengths-Based Culture - Gallup Panel
    Gallup; Blue Diamond; Spokeo; Levi Strauss
    Gallup has studied and worked with the world’s leading strengths-based companies — those in the top echelon of performance. They have discovered that the best companies share a few specific and compelling similarities. Most evidently, they have a mutual philosophy about strengths and the value of a strengths-based culture. For this panel discussion, Gallup’s Senior Consultant, Jeremy Pietrocini will provide an overview on the ways they have integrated strengths in common and offer some profiles of success. Jeremy will also interview panelists that are launching strengths in their own organizations to provide lessons learned, demonstrate value to the organization and highlight personal success stories in leveraging this strategy to impact performance.
  • Building Your Personal Brand
    Marshall Brown & Associates
    Branding is not just for products anymore. Personal branding has become a MUST, not a maybe, if you want to progress in your career, build your business, add value to your company and stand out from your competition. Personal branding shows your uniqueness, your value, your goals... the difference that is YOU. By the end of this session you will - Understand your unique promise of value, Identify your personal attributes, Learn ways to “stand out” and be outstanding and walk away with an action plan to help you move forward. If you are serious about your career and are ready to proactively manage it then this program is for you.
  • How to Speak in One Consistent Brand Voice: Air Canada Case Study
    Air Canada; E-WRITE
    Join this session, to learn more about Air Canada's "AC Talks" project it completed in 2016 which broke down silos at Air Canada and enabled teams from different parts of the airline to work together toward a unified goal: Use Air Canada’s updated brand voice to communicate with customers and build connection. Though seemingly impossible, the AC Talks project brought together people from the Customer Relations, Baggage, Refunds, Cargo, Marketing, Legal, and Communications teams. These teams worked together to define and document Air Canada’s brand voice then disseminate it throughout the customer care organization so frontline agents could use the updated brand voice when writing to customers about anything from flight delays to damaged baggage to stranded shipments of lobsters! Vicki Benoit and Leslie O’Flahavan will share their approach to planning a brand voice project that integrated diverse teams and harnessed their efforts toward the same goal of speaking in an updated, modern and aligned brand voice.

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