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7.29.21 | Four Things You Should Know at Mid-career 201: Managing Chain of Command and How Leadership Skills Change by Level

Mid-career/middle management is an intermediary position between an entry-level employee and an executive-level employee. Those in middle management positions tend to be a liaison between their team and their employer. They are responsible for ensuring that their team is aware of the institution's objectives and are actively working toward them. It is their job to make sure their team's workflow aligns with the organization's processes and expectations. Often mid-career/middle managers appear to struggle under the weight of expectation (self- or externally inflicted).

The presenters will provide a framework for building and improving your management skills. The webinar will provide tips on moving from peer to direct report (getting to know your new team), managing chain of command and boundaries (moving from the first line to the second line), and how leadership skills change by level (implementing and managing change).

Knowledge Level: All Levels

Individual Registration:
Member Price: $99
Chapter/Non-Member Price: $165