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11.17.21 | FREE: Data Protection and Privacy Considerations for the Research Administrator

This FREE Webinar has been sponsored by CUNY. Gold Sponsor of SRAI.

This is an introductory and engaging webinar covering the basics of data protection and privacy (DP/P) for the research administrator. The webinar will cover the various dimensions that research administrators need to be aware of, including: the legal, policy, and technological dimensions of DP/P; the areas in research administration where these topics may arise, such as in contracts and other legal instruments; other areas intersecting DP/P, such as cybersecurity; and emerging issues in DP/P, including an overarching U.S. Federal law, state laws, and regulatory / statutory initiatives overseas, including but not limited to the EU GDPR. A Q&A component will wrap up the webinar.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn a greater understanding and appreciation for the philosophical and practical underpinnings of DP/P
  2. Learn a strong grounding in DP/P which will allow you to add value to your work with faculty and staff at your institution
  3. Learn practical examples where these areas arise in research administration
  4. Learn the emerging issues in DP/P
Knowledge Level: Basic

Individual Registration: