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09.14.21 | Managing Investigator-Initiated, Multi-Center, Clinical Trial Agreements

Everyone in an organization that conducts clinical trials is invested in the knowledge gained. One of the challenges of managing clinical trials is sufficient reimbursement. The more successfully managed trials involve a team working together rather than by individual duties. For example, a contract to fund a trial cannot be completed until a budget is finalized, which needs an understanding of what cost considerations need to be in place; a trial cannot begin until IRB approval is in place; reimbursement cannot be tracked without input from study coordinators; and collaborators cannot be engaged until all of the above is underway. Quite often, these processes are separate and distinct. This webinar is intended to present the interactive style of managing clinical trials.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify your team. Team is defined loosely as all of the parties involve din the process of developing and conducting studies.
  2. Understanding the elements that go into getting a trial up and running.
  3. Responsibilities of participants; both at the prime site and all participating sites.
  4. Financial matters. Often sponsors will decide and investigators say ok. This results into "baking into" the costs, which may create deficits.
Knowledge Level: Advanced

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