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Library Section: E-cigarette Collection

This E-cigarette Themed Collection is meant to provide a starting point for SRNT-U learners new to this topic before they conduct their own self-directed exploration of the literature. SRNT-U leadership, while taking no position on e-cigarettes, feels this is an important area of study and is making this curated collection of material on e-cigarettes available to nicotine and tobacco researchers from various disciplines.

Our goal with this collection was to provide a breadth of papers representing diverse views on this controversial topic. Many people working in the nicotine and tobacco research field hold strong opposing views about e-cigarettes, with these views often reflected in the publications and reports available on e-cigarettes. It is therefore important that you bear this diversity of opinion in mind and reflect on your own personal views around e-cigarettes when critically appraising e-cigarette research.

This collection was created with input from the entire SRNT-U leadership team, SRNT Networks and SRNT’s Board of Directors. The body of knowledge on e-cigarettes is evolving rapidly, and this collection will be updated as new research is published.

For ease of reading, and to provide context for the key papers linked to, this collection is presented as a downloadable pdf document.

Please email us if you would like to comment on this collection or suggest material for inclusion in a future version.