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Tobacco & Cannabis Co-Use in Adults Seminar

Cannabis use is increasing in the US, Canada and other countries. It’s important to understand the potential health consequences of co-use (biomarkers) and how cannabis use may affect cigarette smoking initiation and quit outcomes. This seminar provides an overview of results from a recent study on biomarkers of exposure among concurrent users of tobacco and cannabis in the US. Results from two studies on the potential impact of cannabis use on cigarette smoking and quit outcomes (one in the US and one in Canada) are also presented.

This one-hour seminar was developed for nicotine and tobacco researchers working in countries where cannabis use is common or increasing. It may also provide useful background information for policymakers and clinicians interested in cannabis and tobacco co-use.

The seminar includes presentations by Danielle Smith, Dr. Andrea Weinberger (SRNT Treatment Research Network Co-Chair) and Dr. Sabrina Voci, and Drs. Cristian Meghea (SRNT-U Director of Public Health Research) and Andrea Weinberger are featured in the Introduction and Summary portions of this course. 

Learning objectives: By completing this course, learners will:

  • gain an understanding of tobacco and cannabis co-use patterns in the US and Canada;
  • know the effect co-use of tobacco and cannabis has on biomarkers of exposure to combustion products;
  • be able to explain the potential effect of cannabis on smoking initiation;
  • know the potential effect of cannabis on smoking cessation outcomes;
  • Be able to explain why nicotine and tobacco researchers should consider and measure cannabis use in studies.
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SRNT University is grateful to McKenzie Miller at Michigan State University for developing this seminar's quiz.