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Advances in mHealth for Smoking Cessation Seminar

mHealth (mobile health), the use of mobile and wireless technologies to deliver health, has great potential to change health behaviors and health service delivery around the world. mHealth holds promise for smoking cessation, with potential advantages including instant and continuous access to support, reduced barriers to access (e.g. cost, location, scheduling conflicts), and scalability. In this seminar, Dr. Jonathan Bricker presents Icanquit, a general population smoking cessation smartphone app, Dr. Michael Businelle introduces an automated smartphone based smoking cessation Treatment, the Smart-T2 app, and Dr. Roger Vilardaga discusses the development of Learn to Quit, a smoking cessation app tailored to patients with mental illness. An introduction and summary discussion are provided by Cristian Meghea, PhD (Michigan State University, USA).

By completing this seminar, learners will:

  • Understand reasons for the great potential of mHealth to address health behaviors
  • Learn major challenges to the promise of mHealth for tobacco cessation
  • Learn core features of a general population smoking cessation smartphone app
  • Comprehend what ecological momentary assessments (EMAs) are and how they may be used to tailor cessation interventions
  • Gain an understanding of a user-centered design process to create an engaging behavior-change app.
SRNT University is grateful to McKenzie Miller at Michigan State University for developing this seminar's quiz.