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Library Section: Heated Tobacco Products Themed Collection

This introductory Heated Tobacco Products Themed Collection includes links to a few key papers we feel researchers new to the topic should be aware of prior to more self-directed exploration of the heated tobacco products literature. Our goal was to introduce this topic in an easily accessible manner using a frequently asked question format to provide some basic answers to commonly asked questions on this topic.

For ease of reading, and to provide context for the key papers linked to, this collection is presented as a downloadable pdf document.

Hua Yong, SRNT University Director of Policy Research, along with Jimmy Manyanga, prepared the initial version of this document. Hua Yong also prepared the current version in collaboration with Jessica King. We are grateful for the constructive comments received from the SRNT University Leadership team and SRNT Networks.

Please email us if you would like to comment on this collection or suggest material for inclusion in a future version.

Note: we've added a recording of a related SRNT Webinar on Emerging Non-Combustible Nicotine and Tobacco Products to this section as a convenience to learners. Recorded SRNT webinars are available to members only.