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Emulsifiers 201

For nearly a century, metalworking fluid manufacturers have been mixing oil and water to provide lubrication and cooling for a multitude of machining processes. These metalworking fluid providers identify and utilize combinations of emulsifiers in order to create stable emulsions that meet their specific needs. As many experienced metalworking fluid formulators can attest, designing an emulsifier system can be more of an art than a science. Formulators must find a balance between performance requirements, cost and availability of raw materials. A significant amount of market knowledge and expertise lies with scientists that have decades of experience in formulating metalworking fluids. As machining processes evolve and the workforce transitions with new, inexperienced workers coming into the field, we want to provide training that covers the basics of emulsification, applications for water-based metalworking fluids and offer some understanding of how to bring more science into creatign water-based metalworking fluids.