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Planning for a Disaster

with Frank Sommerville

With Hurricane Harvey on the heart and minds of the nation, the need to Plan for a Disaster has never been more apparent. But disasters in communities can take on many forms. Some can be forecast, giving time to respond, but others occur with little warning. That is why planning and preparation are so important. What are the issues? Do you know how to help and stay within the law? How do you respond when the Red Cross or FEMA knock on your door?

This webinar will discuss options available to the church when a disaster strikes their community.
•We will be addressing how to give tax-free disaster relief to employees adversely affected by Harvey.
•We will address giving benevolence assistance to individuals, members, and employees.
•We will also discuss requirements and guidelines for allowing outside disaster relief organizations to use church facilities.
•We will focus on planning for the day when disaster strikes your church.