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6 Ways Trust Matters for Churches


Trust is often a missing ingredient in today's world. The impact of the trust deficit often impacts churches. In this session, learn how churches can develop trust using the following areas: truth-telling, Christ-centered governance, spiritual discernment, verifiable accountability, navigating risks, and truthfulness in stewardship practices.


  1. The participant will understand the importance of trust in leading a congregation. 
  2. The participant will be about to identify the foundation of trust.
  3. The participant will learn the impact trust has on a congregation.
  4. The participant can articulate the penalties that occur when there is a lack of trust.
  5. The participant will hear examples of the use of social media in breach of trust. 
  6. The participant can name the requirements for appropriate transparency.
  7. The participant can see how compensation of staff can affect trust.
  8. The participant can name 10 issues which lead to mistrust.
  9. The participant will understand the importance of verifiable accountability.
  10. The participant will understand the conflict of interest.
  11. The participant will understand related party transactions.
  12. The participant will have a clear knowledge of how proper use and communication regarding restricted fund can affect trust.

CEU Information

This presentation qualifies for 0.2 CEU credit toward CCA certification and retention. Please  refer to certification guidelines to insure you are in proper compliance for credit. After completing the course you will be offered a CEU request form to complete and make your request.

CPE credit is not available for e-lab programs.