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The Church's Role in Vaccine Religious Exemption

with Frank Sommerville, JD CPA

With church members requesting exemption documents for congregations, it is critical that leaders understand the law and issues surrounding the decisions to participate.
  • What are the legal issues surrounding religious exemptions?
  • What documentation and consideration should be in place if you choose to participate?
  • Can a congregation mandate vaccinations for employees and volunteers?
  • What documentation is appropriate, and what HIPPA guidelines apply?
Join us for this critical update.

This webinar was presented on September 23rd, 2021. It is not our policy to publish recent webinars on our eLab for rewatching so quickly, however, this specific presentation was in high demand. We have priced this to be comparable to the original viewing price to be fair to those who attended this live. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy this presentation.