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Facing the Inevitable - Life Cycle Planning


There are 3 irrefutable facts that every church must face if you own a facility:
  1. All buildings deteriorate at a rate of 1-4% per year
  2. As such, nearly every physical component of your facility will be replaced or have a major overhaul
All of the above will require dollars

So the big questions areā€¦ how much money will be needed?
Join us for an informative and fun session to explore:
  • What are Capital Reserves?
  • How does Life Cycle factor into Capital Reserve Planning?
  • How much money needs to be allocated?
What are some practical ways to get started

CEU Information

This presentation qualifies for 0.1 CEU credit toward CCA certification and retention. Please  refer to certification guidelines to insure you are in proper compliance for credit. After completing the course you will be offered a CEU request form to complete and make your request.

CPE credit is not available for e-lab programs.