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What does it cost?

TLN and CRTPD courses are free to members.
The cost is only charged to non members who wish to purchase access to the content.
If you are being presented with a cost and you believe you shouldn't be, please check that you have logged in correctly with email address registered in our system and your membership details are still current.

I can't see any courses.

Courses are available based on your membership and access type by clicking 'Courses' in the menu at the top of the screen.Β 
If you scroll down the page and have no courses displaying you may check that you are logged in and ensure you haven't selected a search filter from the browse menu.
If there are still no courses displaying there may be an issue with your membership or access permissions. Contact the TLN for further assistance atΒ

How do I get my certificate?

Certificates are awarded for the completion of all courses.
You must mark each activity complete including any feedback surveys.
Once this is complete you will receive an email with a link to access your certificate.
You can also view your past courses and certificate from your profile by clicking your name in the top corner of the screen.

How do I go back to browse the live courses?

You can type the website address into your browser again or click the button at the top of the courses page.
Click here to return to browse live courses

I can't find the course I was looking for?

We have a selected range of current training on offer.
As content becomes outdated we replace it with more new and relevant training.
You can use the search bar on the courses page to locate available sessions by searching for keywords, the title, the presenter's name or the course code.

I registered for a course but can't access it any more.

Content is provided for at least two years and will then expire and stop appearing in the course catalogue. Where the content is relevant and still current we will may extend the availability of the course to ensure that the training being offered remains relevant and up to date.