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STLN2132 Socratic Circles in the classroom

Presenter: Amy Cotton

This session will focus on how teachers can use Socratic Circles as part of their instructional practice. Socratic discussions have emerged as one of the more intriguing components of the Victorian DET Literacy Toolkit. Socratic discussions promote active student participation, through open-ended questions, respectful disagreement and the presentation of alternative viewpoints. They can be used with students of all abilities across all subject areas in both primary and secondary settings. Socratic Circles promote student inquiry, reflective listening and verbal literacy, as well as increasing content knowledge. This session will explore the experience of using Socratic Circles; the successes, the challenges and strategies to use them effectively in the classroom. If you are looking to add another technique to your classroom repertoire - this is it.

Course Length: 60 minutes

Standards addressed:
  • 3.3.2 Use teaching strategies
  • 3.5.2 Use effective classroom communication (with learners)