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Effectively Handling an OSHA Inspection: How to Legally Protect Your Rights

This webinar gives your business the benefit of counsel from an attorney who once held the nation‘s highest office in workplace safety regulation: Ed Foulke, 2006-2008 OSHA administrator. He advises on how to conduct a pre-inspection of your facility and correct any errors before an OSHA compliance officer ever sets foot on your site. Much of the presentation helps you devise a step-by-step strategy for handling an OSHA inspection and the aftermath: - Admit an investigator or request a search warrant? - Benefits of interacting with inspector onsite - Your rights during inspection - What NOT to say or do - How to interview employees, managers, potential whistleblowers - Responding to OSHA document requests - Your best legal options after receiving a citation The advice of Foulke, now a partner in the Atlanta office of Fisher & Phillips LLP, is essential in light of OSHA‘s new emphasis on enforcement over compliance assistance.