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Job Hazard Analyses and PPE Assessments

TRSA operators can prevent workplace injuries and illnesses by assessing workplace operations, establishing proper work procedures, and ensuring that all employees are trained to work safely. Job hazard analyses (JHA) help determine and establish proper and safe work procedures, Developing these requires employers to document the series of actions that employees perform to complete jobs or tasks.

Next, employers must identify the potential hazards associated with each job or task, assessing the worker, tools and equipment used and the work environment. Once the risks are identified, the last step is to document in the JHA how the risks associated with each job or task will be controlled to an acceptable level. Once a JHA has been created, it can be used as an effective tool to train employees on how to perform safely.

One of the possible ways to control hazards is to require employees to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). However, according to the OSHA Personal Protective Equipment standard, before employers can ask employees to use PPE, employers must complete and document a PPE hazard assessment.

This webinar will discuss how to complete JHAs, use the JHAs to train employees to work safely, and how to complete a PPE Hazard Assessment that complies with OSHA requirements.