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Food & Beverage: Production Training Series

Initiate training for production employees with these videos that demonstrate sorting, washing, drying, finishing and packing out food and beverage/restaurant (F&B) items. Also show these to prospective hires who are candidates for performing or managing these functions. Each video is a recording of employees in an F&B laundry operating machinery needed to safely and efficiently perform a function as well as narration and depiction of steps in the overall production process before and after the function.

  1. Soil Sort Vacuum Sorting in a Food & Beverage Laundry: Vacuum sorter with two tubes; napkins, tablecloths, towels
  2. Washer/Extractor in a Food & Beverage Laundry: 4-pocket tilting side-loading washer/extractor; tablecloths and napkins
  3. Large Piece Folder in a Food & Beverage Laundry: 2-lane large-piece feeder, ironer, folder; tablecloths, sheets
  4. Napkin Feeder in a Food & Beverage Laundry: 5-lane feeder, napkins
  5. Pack-Out in a Food & Beverage Laundry: Feeder, ironer, stacker, wrapper, conveyors; napkins, tablecloths