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CONSERVE Cash - Get Hygienically Clean and Clean Green

Kemco Systems is offering a cost-effective approach for laundries to improve efficiencies with minimal no capital investment through its all-inclusive CONSERVE program, which offers water-recycling-as-a-service including an opportunity to pursue Hygienically Clean and Clean Green certifications with support from Six Disciplines Consulting.

Join this virtual coffee to learn about the benefits of the CONSERVE program and the positive financial, environmental, customer and plant impact that this program and collaboration can bring to your company:

• Reduce costs and differentiate your company from the competition; the CONSERVE program offers an opportunity to pursue both with water savings and certification with little no upfront investment

• With water and sewer costs growing at twice the rate of CPI, there is a growing incentive to recycle water potentially delivering water quality better than the incoming water. Learn how your plant can recycle up to 90% of your water anywhere within their process.