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Creating a Quality Assurance (QA) Manual

One area of the Hygienically Clean Standard that draws frequent questions from laundry operators who want to certify Hygienically Clean is Section 5, which requires that the company develop a Quality Assurance (QA) Manual. The section reads as follows: “Each facility must have a written QA manual to reasonably ensure that Best Management Practices (BMPs) are documented and followed, and the facility complies with all federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. The QA manual shall encompass applicable infection control guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as recommended practices from The Joint Commission (TJC—formerly JCAHO) relevant to the handling and processing of textiles.”
While the process of creating a QA manual sounds simple enough, TRSA frequently receives calls from operators seeking to certify who have questions about developing a QA manual in order to meet a key requirement for certification. This one-hour, interview-style webinar will help to answer some of the common queries associated with QA manuals.
Speakers will address these questions and more:
• What is the first step to building a QA manual?
• What does a QA Manual look like?
• How much time should one allocate to completing the QA manual?
• Is specialized knowledge/training needed to put together the QA manual?
• Is it helpful or necessary to have an outside consultant assist in developing the QA manual or can TRSA staff offer sufficient guidance as needed?