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Hospitality: Production Training Series

Initiate training for production employees with these videos that demonstrate sorting, washing, drying, finishing and packing out hospitality (hotel) items. Also show these to prospective hires who are candidates for performing or managing these functions. Each video is a recording of employees in a hospitality laundry operating machinery needed to safely and efficiently perform a function as well as narration and depiction of steps in the overall production process before and after the function.

  • Soil Sort in a Hospitality Laundry: Cart dumper, light-frame sorting system, conveyors; sheets, towels
  • Tunnel Washing & Drying in a Hospitality Laundry: Tunnel washer, extractor, dryer; bed linen, robes
  • Sheet Feeding in a Hospitality Laundry: Sheet feeder, ironer, folder, conveyors, two teams of feeding operators; sheets
  • Towel Folding in a Hospitality Laundry: Single-lane towel folder, towels
  • Sheet Pack-Out in a Hospitality Laundry: Automated folder and stacker; sheets, towels