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Industrial: Production Training Series

Initiate training for production employees with these videos that demonstrate sorting, washing, drying, finishing and tying out industrial (uniform) items. Also show these to prospective hires who are candidates for performing or managing these functions. Each video is a recording of employees in an industrial laundry operating machinery needed to safely and efficiently perform a function as well as narration and depiction of steps in the overall production process before and after the function.

  • Soil Sort in an Industrial Laundry: Carts, RFID Chips & Readers, Like-type Garments, Sling & Sling Lift, Wash Area & Aisle, Overhead Sling Rail System
  • Wash Aisle in an Industrial Laundry: Controller & Status Monitor, Wash Formula, Wash Extractor, System Status Screen, Belt Rail Conveyor System, Steam Tunnel
  • Steam Tunnel in an Industrial Laundry: Garment Hanging Station, Sorting Station, Hanger Rack, Unused Hangers, Conveyor System, Tunnel Finisher, Delivery Staging
  • Shirt Press in an Industrial Laundry: Fire Retardant Uniforms, Reflective Clothing, Work Shirts & Pants, Body Press, Collar Clamp, Cuff Clamps, Foot & Button Controls
  • Pack-Out Using RFID in an Industrial Laundry: Sort Area & Rack, Numbered Hook Slots, RFID Chips & Readers, Wave Technology, Quality Control Check, Final Sort, Route Associate