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Improving Route Stop Performance – Route Efficiency

“Improving Route Performance” is a sequence of three webinars initiated by the TRSA Industrial Services Committee. In each webinar there will be certain topics addressed that will be eye-opening; i.e., how can we all provide a better service, add services and products and make sure that our customers know what we all can offer. The three webinars are

  • Uniforms
  • Facility Services
  • Route Efficiency
This third webinar, hosted on September 15, will focus on the more generic items to get a better profitability for Uniform/Linen Services accounts:
  • Increasing efficiency per stop
    • Preparations in the plant for truck loading
    • Ergonomics in the truck / outside the truck
    • Using Mobile Solutions (one-time data entry)
    • RSR’s check-in process (how to increase route time versus data handling)
  • Route Stop Analysis
    • Travel Time / Service Time (Total time): route sequence optimizing
    • Revenue / Time
    • Trends in invoice adjustments
    • Over-Use / Under-Use
    • Training to RSR’s for limiting or avoiding adjustments
    • Ride along experience (as management)
    • Avoiding easy waiving of loss charges