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New Member / Member Orientation Virtual Roundtable

Learn from this roundtable how to use to access benefits that maximize the return from your company’s membership. You’ll see how to steer your colleagues to industry information that will increase professionalism across the range of your operations. You and your team will get more ideas than ever to improve performance.

TRSA is the only source of industry best practices as only TRSA facilitates cooperation among international, national, regional and local operators and supplier partners. You access the fruits of this collaboration through these FREE member benefits, among others:

  • Subscriptions
  • Webinars
  • Research reports
  • Compliance documents
  • Videos
  • Committee/task force discussions
  • Digital archives
This roundtable also will explain how TRSA fosters your team’s professional development through virtual networking (Roundtables, Committee Meetings) and face-to-face TRSA events, such as Institutes (EMI, PMI), Conferences (Annual, Healthcare) and Summits (Production, HR/Health/Safety, Marketing & Sales). You’ll be acquainted the procedures that certify companies Clean Green, laundries Hygienically Clean and supervisory personnel Certified Professional Laundry Managers (CPLM).

This introduction to TRSA offerings builds your organization’s competitiveness by guiding your team to access the same benefits enjoyed by longstanding TRSA members who have consistently taken advantage of TRSA’s steadily increasing offerings. Your new membership has opened your company to a wealth of industry knowledge the only organization tapping the complete range of operations in the diverse linen, uniform and facility services industry.
  • Introduction: Onboarding Your Team – Joseph Ricci, President & CEO
  • Advocacy: Representing and Involving Members – Kevin Schwalb, VP, Government Relations
  • Website Navigation: Certification, Events, News, Resources – Ken Koepper, Director, Member & Industry Relations