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PFAS: The Impact on the Industry

On June 15, 2022, USEPA announced surprising new PFAS drinking water health advisory levels. These new levels are significantly lower than current levels, even current laboratory detection limits.

These significant reductions to drinking water standards are going to have significant and expensive consequences on the industrial laundry industry in the form of wastewater discharge limits.

TRSA is presenting a webinar on July 14 at 2:00 eastern with John Shaffer, President of EEC Environmental. During the presentation, John will discuss:

  • The new drinking water EPA Health Advisory Levels
  • Why is PFAS a concern for laundries?
  • EPA and State laundry wastewater PFAS data
  • EEC’s laundry wastewater sampling study
  • What are future wastewater discharge limits for PFAS likely to be?
  • What is the likely business impact on laundries?
  • What should be done now?
Do not miss this opportunity to learn more on the impact the new PFAS levels will have on the industry.