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New Tax Law Changes with Health Reimbursement Accounts - What you need to know

Over the last 24 months the tax laws changed to enhance health reimbursement accounts and other tax-preferred fringe accounts. This enabled a new method of providing employee benefits – in a more personal, custom-designed way.
For over 70 years employers have picked a menu of benefits for their employees. And that practice has made benefits management a full-time job.
Over the course of an hour we’ll review how these new tax law changes can free up your time, enhance your offerings, and enable you to partner with employees to put benefit dollars towards what they truly appreciate – what they need.
Key learning points for this webinar:

  1. Options for providing non-salary compensation, specifically with respect to health insurance, unreimbursed medical, and more
  2. How to differentiate yourself from other employers
  3. How to differentiate between various classes of individuals
  4. Ensuring your employee benefits stand the test of time and don’t break your budget