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Advocacy for cervical cancer elimination

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Welcome to the SUCCESS Master Course
This course has been designed as part of the "Scale-Up Cervical Cancer Elimination with Secondary prevention Strategy" (SUCCESS) project. The SUCCESS project aims to accelerate progress on cervical cancer elimination by strengthening screening services and treatment of precancerous lesions, through the use and scale-up of innovative technologies. The SUCCESS project is funded by Unitaid, led by Expertise France, and is delivered through a consortium model, with Jhpiego as a key implementing partner.

As part of UICC’s role in the consortium, UICC seeks to provide support to its member organisations to advance national advocacy efforts for cervical cancer elimination, including, for example, advocating for a supportive policy environment for the rapid uptake of new technologies and approaches for screening and treatment.

Course overview 
The aim of this SUCCESS Master Course is to provide in-country civil society organisations or coalitions with technical knowledge and skills to ensure success of national advocacy campaigns on cervical cancer, and covers the following areas:

  • Advocacy
  • Coalition building
  • Fundraising
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
The questions below highlight some of the issues that are addressed through the course, and associated handbook:
  • How can civil society raise the profile of cervical cancer within their country and context, and make an effective contribution towards the implementation of the Global Strategy towards the elimination of cervical cancer as a public health problem?
  • Who should be involved to help ensure that national advocacy efforts for cervical cancer are effective? How can they contribute?
  • Are there opportunities to further develop, refine or adapt existing advocacy efforts to streamline activities or increase their impact?

Next steps
Please download the handbook for cervical cancer advocacy, as this serves as a guide to support you through the course.
  • Taking each module at a time, please read the relevant section of the handbook, and watch the online content, which provides further technical input and guidance alongside case studies and examples from individuals and organisations who have put these into practice.
  • UICC would strongly encourage you to share these materials and resources with the civil society organisations with which you are working as a coalition or alliance. Each organisation could work through and review the resources separately or together, but it is recommended that there is an opportunity to reflect with the coalition on the key learning points from each module. The videos, for example, could be used as a starter for a discussion in one of the coalition meetings.
  • Please complete the various exercises included within each section of the handbook, as these will help guide you to develop an effective national advocacy strategy on cervical cancer. Once completed, please share the exercises with UICC for information.
  • Throughout the course, please share your experiences, your key takeaways in the blog space available as your experience, successes and challenges can help all of us learn. Feel free to post in your native language, and UICC can facilitate and interpret as needed.
The SUCCESS Master course builds upon the tools, resources and information provided through UICC’s Cancer Advocates programme, bringing a specific focus to advocacy for cervical cancer elimination. The Cancer Advocates Master course, which provides support on advocacy for cancer control more broadly, can also be accessed through this eCampus platform

We hope that this course provides useful insights to stimulate discussions, and helps progress your national advocacy efforts.