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Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance for better cancer care outcomes

About UICC's self-guided courses
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing public health issue that needs urgent attention around the world. Infections become drug-resistant when bacteria adapts, developing the ability to resist the drugs designed to kill them. The result is that many antibiotics are becoming less effective at treating illnesses, and without effective antibiotics, routine surgery and lifesaving treatments like chemotherapy, can become life-threatening.

The purpose of this course is to increase awareness on AMR among cancer professionals, broaden the knowledge of the cancer community on the importance of addressing this issue as an integral part of cancer care and promote best practices addressing AMR globally.

Course content is available on-demand and will take approximately 7 hours to complete. You can complete the entire course at your own pace.
The course is designed for cancer advocates, oncology professionals, the private sector and other stakeholders working in the field of cancer.
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Course Access
  • Employees of UICC member organisations have free access to this course.
  • Individuals from organisations that are not UICC members can purchase access to this course for a period of six months. This course is also available for purchase as part of the cancer care delivery product bundle.