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Delivering comprehensive interventions for tobacco control

About UICC's self-guided courses
This course has been developed from content used in the 2018 Master Course on Cancer Awareness and Prevention which was delivered by Cancer Council Western Australia. After assessing the success of the course and the relevance of the topic, it has been transformed into a self-guided online course.

  • This online course is open to all UICC members registered on the eLearning platform.
  • You may complete all items in this course or complete only the items that are of interest to you. If you complete all course items you will receive a certificate of completion.
  • This course is self-paced. The required time to complete this course is approximately 2 hours.
Course overview
This course includes an overview of the history of tobacco and how it has become a public health issue. It provides information and resources on framing tobacco as a priority health issue and shares examples of successful tobacco control campaigns, with a focus on mass media campaigns.

Target audience
This course would be suitable for anyone working in tobacco control, especially those involved in the development and implementation of tobacco control campaigns. While this course focuses on tobacco control, the strategies and methods included in this course can be used to guide projects that focus on other risk factors and health issues.

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