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Episode 5: Generating funds by staying true to one's mission

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In this episode of CEO Voices, we hear from MJ Decoteau, Executive Director of Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada, about how her organisation managed to stay true to its mission while generating funds for its sustainability, the importance of remaining relevant and connected to the daily experience of your key audiences, and why emerging leaders and managers would do well to embrace their naivety.

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  • MJ Decoteau

    MJ is the Founder + Executive Director at Rethink Breast Cancer (Canada) where she is responsible for the overall direction, management, fundraising strategy and creative vision of an increasingly bigger and bolder Rethink. While she’s won numerous “trailblazer” awards for her work at Rethink and is known for modernizing the breast cancer campaign, MJ also has a cat-loving, Jane Austen-reading, ’40s musical-watching side. She loves winter snuggled up at home with her husband and daughter, but always the adventurer, has an Arctic expedition on her bucket list.