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Engaging with law and policy for cancer prevention and control

Course description

For UICC members only badgeInternational laws, domestic legislation, legal instruments, global frameworks, conventions, policies, and standards; the law comes in many forms, and can be a highly effective and influential tool in all areas of cancer prevention and control, but especially in reducing exposure to risk factors and supporting progress towards Universal Health Coverage. Engaging with law making and policy development is now an essential component of cancer prevention and control.
This course will discuss the role of law in cancer control, from global frameworks and the relevance of international law in cancer prevention, to using the law effectively to advance Universal Health Coverage in a time of COVID-19.
Using a mix of global case studies, guest speakers, and practical exercises, the course will focus on demystifying the law for cancer and health policy professionals, to support the effective use of law to get the best cancer and NCD outcomes for all countries.
This course is accredited by the Accreditation Council of Oncology in Europe (ACOE). On completion of the course participants will be awarded a certificate worth 9 CME credits.

Learning outcomes
By following this course, participants will:
  • Gain foundational knowledge of international and domestic legal principles in cancer / NCD prevention and control, to support greater understanding of the role of law in cancer prevention and control.
  • Gain greater confidence in engaging in the practical aspects of law and health policy formation, with a focus on cancer / NCD risk factor reduction and progressing universal health coverage.
  • Join networks of support and collaboration, and gain greater knowledge of where and how to access information and support to participate in legal and policy process for cancer / NCD prevention and control

Target audience

The course is targeted towards civil society organisations, especially cancer and health policy professionals, cancer advocates, senior managers in cancer agencies. Participants are expected to have some level of work experience and knowledge of cancer prevention and/or control. This course will be delivered exclusively in English.
This course is delivered by the McCabe Centre for Law & Cancer.