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Patient navigation fundamentals

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A presentation outlining resources, practical tips and tools to support patient navigators to effectively address barriers to care for cancer patients and survivors.


  • Define health equity, cancer disparities and the value of patient navigation in addressing barriers to equitable access to cancer care
  • List the different challenges cancer patients and survivors may face across the cancer control continuum
  • Create an inventory of resources fitting specific needs of cancer patients and survivors
  • Adopt tools and models to communicate effectively with patients in order to identify individual barriers and potential solutions
  • Explore ways to show the value of patient navigation and ensure its ongoing sustainability
The presentation is based on a broader set of resources developed by the GW Cancer Center as part of its Oncology Patient Navigation Training: The Fundamentals.

Presented by
Mandi Pratt-Chapman, PhD
Associate Center Director for Community Outreach, Engagement and Equity, GW Cancer Center (USA)