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11v11 Formations and Systems of Play

11v11 Formations and Systems of Play provides over 5 hours of clinic content organized into 6 presentations examining the strengths and challenges of commonly adopted 11v11 Formations.

Presenters Ian Barker, David Newbery and Paul Marco provide an in-depth discussion of the tactical implications of each formation and how to adapt the system to address opponent's strategies and approaches.

  1. Introduction to Systems of Play (Newbery and Barker).
  2. 1-3-5-2 formation (Newbery and Barker).
  3. 1-4-3-3 formation (Barker and Newbery).
  4. 1-4-5-1 formation (Barker and Newbery).
  5. 1-4-4-2 formation (Marco, Newbery and Barker).
  6. Review - opposed systems (Newbery and Barker).

Each formation presentation includes:

(Downloadable content can be found in the Resources tab within each presentation.)
  • Attacking and Defending Shape.
  • Numbering system.
  • Functional roles and responsibilities.
  • Application of Attacking and Defending Principles of Play as related to 'Coaching in the Game'.
  • 3 attacking and 3 defending activities.
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