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Developing A Team Philosophy and Purpose

This course helps coaches to develop an effective philosophy and purpose for their team. The course sets out the key developmental needs of players and how coaches can meet these needs in their sessions. It will encourage coaches to examine their own beliefs about why they coach and how they think soccer should be played and taught. Overall, the aim is to help coaches to create a ‘constructive alignment’ between their players’ needs, their team philosophy, and coaching methods.

The course takes a holistic look at the development of young players, examining key physical, mental, social and technical changes that take place. The course then encourages coaches to consider these factors carefully when developing their own team philosophy and practices.

The concepts are presented by Dr Matt Pain, the Soccer Mindset Academy’s psychology adviser. The course consists of 6 video presentations averaging between 7-10 minutes. The course is suitable for a new coach and a Director of Coaching with years of experience. Each video offers advice to coaches on best practice and suggestions how to implement the concepts with players and teams. Practical tasks in every module help coaches to start developing their own concrete strategies as the course unfolds.

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