Risk & Transportation: Earning An “A” For Accommodating Auto Safety and Campus Needs

November 1, 2017
Wed 1:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

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Vehicles of all varieties are used by staff and students to support the programs and activities on and off campus. Given the number of miles driven by many different drivers with different experience levels it is necessary to manage the risks associated with this exposure to avoid accidents, injuries, and property damage to the university and general public. This session will discuss how Purdue developed their Transportation Safety Policy that accommodates departments and drivers’ needs while advancing key transportation safety principals.

As a result of participating in this session attendees will learn how Purdue strategized, assembled their committee with key stakeholders, obtained broad input, and ironed out issues before implementation for a smooth rollout to faculty, staff, students, and volunteers.

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  • Daniel J. VanHoosier, Purdue University, Risk Management and Loss Prevention Analyst

    Dann VanHoosier serves as the Senior Risk Analyst in Purdue’s Office of Risk Management, which oversees the risk financing program for the entire Purdue University system and affiliate organizations. Dann’s responsibilities include risk mitigation and loss control, along with risk finance modeling and financial analysis for the operation. Purdue University is a large public research institution with over 19,000 employees and approximately 72,000 students, divided between the main campus in West Lafayette, two regional campuses, and the state-wide technology satellite education centers. Dann is a Boilermaker through and through, graduating from Purdue with a BS in Management/Accounting, and then coming to work for the University shortly after graduation. Over the past 30-plus years he held various Business Management positions with progressive levels of responsibility within the Housing and Food Services division. The past 14 years have been with the Office of Risk Management, assisting in the development and expansion of the office into the valued partner of the various colleges, schools, and departments that it is today.