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Diagnostic Pitfalls in Kidney Pathology - Ming Zhou, M.D., Ph.D.

Evaluated by: Laura W. Lamps, M.D., University of Michigan Health Systems, December 12, 2016
Original release date: December 12, 2016
Access to this course expires on: June 11, 2019

Handouts for Part 1 and Part 2 are located under the respective Resources tab.

Course Description
A general pattern-based approach is presented for diagnosis and classification of any renal tumors, including renal tumors with clear/pale staining cytoplasm, tubulopapillary architecture, oncocytic cytoplasm (pink cell tumors), high grade infiltrative growth and extensive cystic changes, to name a few. Newly described renal tumor histologic subtypes with important clinical and therapeutic implications are discussed. Prudent use of immunohistochemistry in the work-up of difficult renal tumors is included. Staging and grading of renal cancers are referenced. Emphasis is placed on the updated and new AJCC 8th edition staging criteria for renal caners and the CAP kidney cancer checklist.

Target Audience
Practicing academic and community pathologists, pathologists-in-training, GU pathologists.

Topics Covered
  • Diagnosis and classification of renal tumors using pattern-based approach
  • Newly described histological subtypes of renal tumors
  • Utility of immunohistochemistry in the classification of renal tumors
  • Staging and grading of renal cancers

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this educational activity, learners will be able to:
  • Diagnose and classify renal tumors
  • Prudent use immunohistochemistry for diagnosis and classification of renal tumors
  • Accurately stage and grade renal cancers

To earn CME and SAM credit, all learners must take a content-based exam and achieve a minimum score of 80%. If learners do not achieve a passing score of 80%, they have the option to retake the exam. After you pass the test and complete the evaluation, your certificate of completion will be available to view and print by clicking here.

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