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A Case of Urticaria

This module presents a case of urticaria. Urticaria is one of the most common cutaneous diseases worldwide with increasing incidence resulting in a reduced quality of life.

This self-paced learning module is for residents and other clinicians interested in refreshing their knowledge and pursuing continuing medical education, at no cost to them. It is a clinical case divided into sections so that the participants can imagine themselves experiencing the patient in clinic. Each section contains 2-3 quiz questions in multiple-choice format with only one correct answer. The authors have provided explanations for each answer and links to abstracts (and full text when available) of supporting articles in the literature.

How to study this module: Explore one section at a time in sequence. Completing the quiz for each section enables participants to move to the next section. Read the explanation documents that the authors have provided. Use the explanations to help identify the correct answers when retaking the quizzes, if needed. After participants have completed the quiz for each section successfully, they can take the final exam.

Author: Ayman Elgendy, MD
Reviewer: Elham Hossny, MD, PhD
The author and reviewer had no relevant relationships to disclose.

Note: This module does not offer CME credit.