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The Agony of Hives

This webinar is a recording of a live event that was held on Tuesday, 4 April 2017.

Language: English
Programmed for a general audience

The webinar, "The Agony of Hives: What to do when welts and swelling do not go away", is brought to you by the World Allergy Organization as an initiative of World Allergy Week 2017. Experts will present information on chronic urticaria for a general audience and answer questions afterwards.

The Agony of Hives
What to do when welts and swelling do not go away

  • Introduction: The impact/agony of chronic urticaria - Paul Greenberger, MD
  • What has been reported on global prevalence - Paul Greenberger, MD
  • Definitions and terminology - Marcus Maurer, MD
  • Pathophysiology - Marcus Maurer, MD
  • Current approaches to treatment - Marcus Maurer
  • Papular urticaria - Mario Sanchez Borges, MD (This lecture was pre-recorded)
  • Diagnosing and managing patients with aspirin or NSAID induced urticaria - Mario Sanchez Borges (This lecture was pre-recorded)
  • Chronic urticaria and the pediatric patient - Elham Hossny, MD, PhD
  • Future needs discussion - All presenters
  • Questions and answers - All presenters