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Climate Change Worsens Allergies: Be Ready - 2023

Presented by the World Allergy Organization as part of World Allergy Week 2023

  1. Welcome and Introduction from President – Bryan Martin
  2. What are the major current climate changes? – Elham Hossny
  3. How can climate changes enhance allergen exposure? – Kari Nadeau
  4. Who suffers most from climate changes? – Nikos Papadopoulos
  5. How can we mitigate the hazards of climate changes? – Tari Haahtela
  6. What are the key take-home points for allergy suffers/caregivers, physicians, and policymakers? – Yoon-Seok Chang
  7. Expert Panel Discussion - With Gennaro D'Amato and David Peden

Hosted by Dr. Bryan L. Martin and Prof. Yoon-Seok Chang