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WAO Anaphylaxis Guidelines

WAO Anaphylaxis Guidelines

A WAO Symposium of the WAO Special Committee on Anaphylaxis during the XXII World Allergy Congress (WAC 2011) in Cancun, Mexico, 7 December 2011

Welcoming Remarks by the Chairpersons
Professor of Pediatrics; Ain Shams University; Cairo, Egypt
STEPHEN J. GALLI: Chair, Department of Pathology; Stanford University School of Medicine; Stanford, California, USA

Presented by: Paul A. Greenberger
Professor of Medicine
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Learning Objectives:

  1. Consider trends for episodes of anaphylaxis resulting in ED visits and hospitalizations
  2. Become familiar with anaphylaxis in patients with asthma
  3. Explore data for anaphylaxis from foods, medications and other causes

Clinical Aspects and Diagnosis
Presented by: Mario Sanchez
Centro Medico Docente La Trinidad
Caracas, Venezuela

Learning Objectives:

  1. Present clinical manifestations that suggest the presence of anaphylaxis
  2. Discuss diagnostic criteria and confirmatory methods

Presented by: F. Estelle R. Simons
Professor, Department of Pediatrics & Child Health
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Learning Objectives:

  1. Be able to describe the basic initial treatment that is urgently needed as soon as anaphylaxis is diagnosed, and that should be possible even in a low resource environment
Handouts for this session are available from the WAC 2011 scientific program online.

Visit the Anaphylaxis section of the WAO website.

This WAO Symposium and the video recording of it was supported through an unrestricted educational grant from Dey.

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