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Practice Exams Only

If you're preparing for an ICC exam and want a quick, efficient way to see if you're prepared, the WC3 Academy practice exams are the way to go. Each exam simulates what you may find on ICC exams, with the same number of questions, the same time limit, and questions generally proportioned in categories as outlined in ICC's Exam Bulletin. Each exam includes unlimited retakes and access to the materials for 30 days.

New updated 2021 Exams!
Each time you take one of the 2021 practice exams the system will randomly select 60 questions from a pool of 100+ questions, making the order and the nature of the questions unique each time you attempt the exam. Due to the randomization, certain exams may contain questions weighted heavier toward a specific topic. We encourage you to check the ICC Exam Bulletin for anticipated percentages of questions related to each area of the respective codes. Best of luck!

Note: "Inspector" exams are geared toward inspector related exams; however, the plan review specific exams tend to be very similar. "Inspector & Plans Examiner" exams are specifically designed to prepare you for both inspector and plans examiner exams.