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Residential Plans Examiner

CEU's - 1.6  This 15-module course, followed by a two-hour practice examination, is based on the 2021 International Residential Code (IRC). It teaches you how to apply the IRC during the plan review process. Each module consists of an integrated video presentation, including presentation slides, explanations, examples, and review quizzes. Modules are designed to be roughly 15 to 60 minutes in length. Each of the 13 practice quizzes, as well as the practice exam, must be completed with a passing score of at least 75% in order to finish the course. This course is designed to assist you in learning the residential plan review process, key code sections relevant to many residential plan reviews, and help you prepare for the International Code Council’s (ICC) Residential Plans Examiner exam (R3), utilizing the 2021 IRC . Similar to the ICC exam, this course focuses more heavily on the building portions (Chapters 1-10) of the code and provides only a quick overview of the Energy, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical provisions. This course also serves as a review for those already familiar with the IRC and may serve as an update course for those unfamiliar with the 2021 edition of the code.