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Free Sample Course - Means of Egress

This 1-module course is just a sample. Courses range in length, some with just a few modules and others with well over 20 modules. Each module typically consists of a 20-60 min. video, followed by a short quiz. Once you've completed all of the modules there is a two-hour practice examination, based on the applicable code. This module teaches the provisions of Chapter 10 of the 2015 IBC, addressing means of egress. 

Subject Areas:

  • Occupant loads
  • Number of exits
  • Exit widths
  • Illumination
  • Doors and hardware
  • Stairs and ramps
  • Signage
  • Corridors
  • Exit stairs
  • Travel distances
  • Common path
  • Exit Discharge
Todd Snider, PE, SE has more than 12 years of plan review and structural engineering design experience. He has performed plan reviews for thousands of projects throughout the western United States. Todd is a licensed structural engineer, has a Master's degree in Structural Engineering, and maintains ICC Certifications as a commercial building, mechanical, energy, and accessibility plans examiner. Todd teaches code classes in several states.