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Solar PV Plan Review

ICC CEU's - 0.75  This 10-module course, is based on the 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC). It teaches the practical application of requirements specific to performing residential photovoltaic (PV) plan reviews. Each module consists of an integrated video presentation, including presentation slides, explanation, and examples. Modules are designed to be roughly 20-60 min. in length., with over 6 hrs. of detailed instruction.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) system installations continue to increase throughout the country. Thorough plan reviews and inspections are essential for their safe installation. This course will give many examples of different types of solar PV systems and will walk the students step by step through the plan review process for each one. Topics to be covered throughout the presentation include: requirements for site plans, line diagrams, and manufacture spec sheets. Topics also covered include: wire/breaker sizing, wire deration, cold temperature voltage, rapid shutdown of systems, disconnect locations, interconnection requirements, roof fire access clearances, equipment/wiring installation, and signage. This course will be very beneficial for plan reviewers and inspectors, but will also be helpful for solar contractors and designers to better understand what information is required on solar PV plans and what is expected during inspections.