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(CDR-2812) Trends in Construction Technology – The Potential Impact on Project Management & Construction Claims

This paper identifies and explores some advances in construction technology in order to expose their potential impact on project and construction claims management and dispute avoidance. Technology has transformed the world radically over the last few decades. Computers, the internet, the internet of things, solar and wind power generation, and much more have made substantive changes in our personal and professional lives as well as in the overall economy. There have also been a number of technology changes impacting construction with even more on the way. The paper identifies 21 “early stage startups” that are working on technologies – both software and hardware – oriented at changing the construction industry insofar as how projects are planned, designed, and constructed. The paper examines how technology is in the process of changing the construction industry. The paper also examines how some of these technology changes have the potential to help contractors and owners avoid or mitigate construction claims.