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(CDR-2708) The Collapsed As-Built Windows Schedule Analysis Method

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Level: Advanced
Author(s): Andrew Avalon, PE PSP; Ronald J. Rider
Venue: 2017 AACE International Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

Abstract: The Collapsed As-Built Windows Schedule Analysis (AACE® International Recommended Practice 29R-03, Method Implementation Protocol 3.9) is a modeled, subtractive, multiple-base method. It is a retrospective CPM schedule analysis which is typically used to prove entitlement for compensable delay and assess concurrency of delay within a window of time. The analysis simulates the as-built conditions within a schedule window and then delays are removed from the CPM model. If the forecasted project finish date “collapses” but-for or absent compensable delays, then entitlement for compensable time-related costs can be demonstrated. This paper addresses the usage of the Collapsed As-Built Windows protocol and the advantages and disadvantages of the methodology.