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(CSC-3199) (Presentation Only) MS100 Modular Reporting Framework

“MS100 Modular Reporting Framework” is a new framework for schedule & cost reporting at Project, Program, Portfolio, and Enterprises Levels. This framework brings data, and data structure centric approach in project controls. The primary enables of this framework are standardization of data, modular structure of data, and replication of data.

One of the features of this framework is that a set of predefined, specialized, reporting milestones are embedded in distinct schedule WBS modules.

Throughout the schedule WBS, parent child relationships are maintained between WBS modules, and their WBS sub-modules using these specialized reporting milestones. Hence the concept of "modular". In theory as well as in practice, an infinite number of modules can be assembled together to form “parent modules”, and so forth.

An advantage of this framework is that it merges index and metric functionality for reporting at Project, Program, Portfolio, and Enterprises Levels.

The framework initiates a new methodical approach to providing Activity IDs to milestones. These Activity IDs are standardized. The objective is to create a set of specialized milestones whichcould be utilized industry wide as “standard indices” for reporting. For example, MS1 represents Project Start, MS100 represents Project Finish.

This framework readily provides data for benchmarking, trend analysis, and comparison of project progress for programs / portfolios. This framework undertakes a lean approach to the forensic scheduling/ construction dispute
resolution process. This framework provides project progress in predefined ‘steps’ – simplifying executive reporting.